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New Era Finance Group

Have you ever wanted access to funds without having to go through the emotional trauma of being turned down consistently? Without queues, anxiety and all the trouble?

Well, you have come to the right place! New Era Finance Group was created to usher in the new age of finance where lending is as easy as it can get. Even without a great credit score, you can still qualify for a loan with us. We only consider you ability and willingness to pay.

New Era Finance Group is an online direct lender that delivers short-term, secured and unsecured loans as well as installment contract loans to underserved customers via a safe, secure and accessible platform.

Since launching in 2015, we have grown steadily, helping thousands of new customers access funds when they most needed it.

Here for you

From personal experience, we know that traditional banks make it difficult to access substantial personal loans, especially if there is bad credit.

At New Era, our mission is to fill this gap by making access to loans easy, inexpensive, transparent and fast – with no required collateral.

Here, in this friendly corner of the internet, you can submit a loan request and get answers in a matter of minutes, all for free. We are happy to introduce a platform entirely designed for your personal convenience.

Welcome to the new age of finance

We believe simplicity is ultimately sophistication

 In every step of your loan process, we have made things to be quick and easy. It only takes a few minutes to make a submission. Every part of the process takes part online, therefore, you can forget about any annoying paperwork.

We make finance accessible

All you need to submit your loan request is an internet connection and your computer or phone. Bad credit score does not prevent you from asking about the funds that you need. We keep in touch with you and we are always there to answer your questions.

We give you the full picture

We provide you with valuable information about the lending industry. We want you to make the best decisions about your finances and achieve maximum financial success. That entails better pricing, faster closing times and more flexible terms.

Our mission

To provide highly competitive financing via an easy, fast and virtually paperless loan process from the comfort of the customers’ home.

Our vision

To deliver a revolutionary loan experience that allows customers to focus on their life rather than on financing through innovative lending products and proprietary technology.

Our Initiatives

We believe that education is a fundamental part of financial responsibility and success. As a result, we provide our customers with a great deal of resources via our Learning Center (link).

Here, you can find numerous articles and blogs that give awesome financial advice and tips to help you with budgeting and generally making the most suitable financial decisions.

Core Values

At New Era Finance Group, we believe in the following core values that guide us in all our endeavors:

We have helped over 40,000+ clients. Let us help you too!

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